Hierophant “Great mother: holy monster” (2013 -Bridge Nine Records-)

Hierophant “Great mother: holy monster” (2013 -Bridge Nine Records-)
It’s time to talk about one of the most impressive hardcore band from Italy (proudly): Hierophant. “Great mother: holy monster” (2013, Bridge Nine Records) is brutal as hell, straight in face with no compromises. The whole sound is rude, with chaotic riffs and rough vocals, bringing cathartic moments and dark parts. I’ve got all the time a sense of (good) waste listening to “Great mother: holy monster”: Hierophant’s style is a trauma of doom, grind, punk and hardcore all together, sounding massive at all. Each song is well balanced and composed with a solid structure, spreading black and evil music. The band incorporate stuff from various genres, making a superb and original sound like no one. Break neck intensity, this is one of the most well done heavy music that I’ve ever heard: it’s all real, you should also check the band live…This record is pure life for hardcore scene, support this dudes out and pick this record up, now! Extra compliments to Hierophant!!!
Vote: 10/10

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