Hierophant “Peste” (2014 -Bridge Nine Records-)

Hierophant “Peste” (2014 -Bridge Nine Records-)
“Peste” is that kind of record that will leave you speechless for its extreme heaviness, pure madness and brutality on each song. There aren’t words evil enough to describe how much this release kick hard: you get black metal with strong punk-crust roots, persistent guttural growling, an eternal roar groove is ready so. This music is deep in the grave, grim, seriously evil and insane filled with oppressive crushing aggression. I’ve got stocked by the powerful noisy-black-metal guitars, the machine gun drumming and the masterful vocals. Keep it mosh, this is a perfect mix of Converge, The Chariot, the early Beecher and Between The Buried and Me added by a huge abuse of black metal and violence. Up in quality, “Peste” is about very good cold, obscure and raw music to enjoy.
Vote: 10/10

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