High Hopes “Self Revival” (2013 -This Is Core Music-)

High Hopes “Self Revival” (2013 -This Is Core Music-)
Fuckin’ strong chugga chugga metalcore: ladies and gentlemen here we go with “Self Revival” (2013, This Is Core Music) from England based High Hopes. This record is quite heavy, straight to the point, furious like hell: this music will suck you, definetly. A classic today’s metalcore release with a very impressive style; light passages with melody build rage explosion and a runway sprint with granitic breakdowns and superb growls. High Hopes have found the perfect intersection between different parts well blended together. Well, if you haven’t realized yet this is a stand-out record overall, at all, for all! An integral stuff about modern metalcore scene, this dudes have delivered something that will not disappoint, this is definetly an ambitious project:
buy or die!
Vote: 10/10

High Hopes
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