High Hopes “Sights & Sounds” (2016 – Victory Records)

High Hopes “Sights & Sounds” (2016 – Victory Records)
Hailing from Reading -UK-, High Hopes play a kind of intense and strong “new”, melodic hardcore. The band reminded me to Misery Signals sound as well added by rough melody spots. Heavy music with sliding guitars, solid drums and harsh vocals combined sometimes with melodic singing. This record is about raw power and no compromises with modern features crossing each other releasing a fresh and genuine record. Of course the band’s inspired by Polar, Counterparts and many more, but they’ve added to this influences a personal touch making sound this record at 100% of their own. If you’re familiar with metalcore/hardcore scene you must pick this up, you’ll not be disappointed to listen to original and powerful metalcore.
Vote: 9/10

High Hopes
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