Hollow Sons “Thirst” (2013 -Acuity Music-)

Hollow Sons “Thirst” (2013 -Acuity Music-)
Members of TO KILL (RIP), THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT (RIP), THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER and WITHIN WALLS / CODE BLUE COMA want to express themselves in the most natural way: that’s why born this band called Hollow Sons. Experience and a lot of concerts on their back, Hollow Sons are an “International” metalcore band with German and Italian members. Dark, heavy hardcore with powerful metallic guitars, big rocks breakdowns and intense screaming vocals: pain, anger and politic themes in the lyrics, this music is very rude and express in the best way through the music a deep sense of protest and revolt.
This dudes are successful, playing fast and loud on each song; I don’t understand “Dominance”, a electro-synth track…I mean, what has that song to do with the whole ep? Anyway it doesn’t matter, because this is a still true band that regard a lot about the political role of hardcore music. Long live to Hollow Sons, compliments.
Vote: 10/10

Hollow Sons
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