Hoods Interview

Since 10 years on the scene: Walter face to face with the hardcore legend Hoods.

1) Hi Guys!! introduce your bands to our readers please.
Benito Garcia-Vocals, Mike Hood-Voclas/guitar, Nate “viscious” Rader-Bass, Nick “Lurch” Lang, and “Whiteboy” Ben Verhoek- Drums

2) You guys are veteran of West Coast’s hardcore…be sure of this!!! after so many years
on the scene, what it means for you to be “hardcore” over Hoods-project?

Over the years a lot of peoples i dea of whats “hardcore has changed, unfortunatly some of the newer kids have the wrong idea. Nowadays more and more people seem to think that hardcore is all about the fashion, who goes to the most shows, what bands have the biggest breakdowns, etc. Its hard to actually pinpoint what the actual definition of what hardcore is now. Prety much hardcore the scene is pretty much about sticking up for what you believe in and not letting other peoples oppinions stop what you believe in. If people try to put you down for what you believe, smash them.

3) How is going on in your area? How much did get big West Coast’s scene?
The West Coast scene has always been big. For the past 10 years, and more, the scene has been united with everyone from the kids to the bands to the promoters to the venues all working together to support their hardcore scene and that what makes the scene as strong as it is today. Also taling care of bands from other parts of the country when they come to our side makes them want to come back and keeps the westcoast scene alive. Its all about everyone uniting together as one.

4) How did you get in touch with Eulogy Records? Eulogy discovered many hc talents around: how is the deal with them? Are you conscious of to be a part of an amazing “worldwide hardcore” roster?
After we left Victory records, we had a lot of offers from many different hardcore/metal labels that are out there. We chose Eulogy not only because we have had friends there for years, but also because we see that they actuall care forthe bands on their label and do whatever it takes to make sure that the bands ae happy and taken care of rather than having the mentality of trying to get the most money out of the bands sales. We are so glad to be a part of the Eulogy family. We are friends with a lot of the bands that are on here and ever since we signed with Eulogy, since day one, thay have been great and taken cae of our every need. They are evereything we could ever ask for in a label. JEFFY YOU THE MAN!

5) What are the innovations on your new release “The King Is Dead”?
We wanted to make an album that surpasses anything we have ever done before. A lot of the music in hardcore is starting to sound all too simmilar so we tried not to head totally in that direction. We put in a lot of the old-school hardcore style in the songwriting, as well as some street punk influences in the songs too. Notonly that but having gone through some of the tough times and facing a lot of problems between the last record and this one (record label problems, losing and gaining members, losing close firends, etc.) the lyrical content came out to be some of the most deep, true, heartfelt stuff we have ever witten. The result of all these things was what I like to think of the bast album we have ever released.

6) Your music sounds powerful and totally aggressive: who writes the lyrics?
Mike Hood and Benito write the lyrics. A lot of bands these days like to write lyrics about violence and life on the streets and shit but dont actually live what they write about which is corney and fake and it shows. Writing about shit that you live through and shit that you feel makes the music genuine and it shows and people respect that.

7) What are the lyrics about in “The King Is Dead”? Who’s the dead king?
What is the meaning behind this title?

Well, for the sake of not getting sued we can’t go into the actuall SPECIFICS about it but i think its pretty self explanitory if you look at the lyrics and compare it to what changes we have had to go through and what shit we have had to put up with in the past few years. If the kids have any questions we encourage them to come up to us in person at shows an talk to us about it. Roumors are bullshit and the only way to figure out whats real is to talk to the sourse in person and we’re all about interacting with the people at our shows so come and talk to us at a show and we’ll tell you everything you want to know.

8) Watching your site, well i can see that you are currently in tour with Shattered Realm, Donnybrook and Black My Heart (bands of Eulogy’s family!!). have you any connections with this bands?
Have you any funny story about this tour?

Mike Hood and Joe Hardcore from Shattered Realm are actually real cousins. We have been friends with these bands for ears an to finally be on tour with them has been one of the best tours ever. Not only have all the shows been fucking amazing, but hanging out with the bands and all our friends have made this one big party! Black My Heart is the new blod on eulogy and have been doing an amazing fucking job. Those guys are some of the coolest and fucking loneyest motherfuckers. They are doing really well. As far as a funny story from the tour…fuck which one do i chose theres so many…Lurch had his birthday on the tour so we all signed a blow up sex doll and gave it to him on stage, Mike had his birthday too and he got loads of asain porno from everyone on tour and a really controvercial birthday cake (thats all i can say about that), and as far as any other story…I better keep my mouth shut or the poliece will be on everyones asses! Its been a fucking insane tour. never a dull moment. Hit us up in person, we’ll elaborate a lot more. HAHAHAH!

9) Thanks for your precious time guys. Good luck. Any last word?
Check out the new album, The King Is Dead, the video for it is on www.eulogyrecordings.com and should be airing on tv shortly. For any other Hoods info hit up our myspace site (www.myspace.com/sactohoods) or our website (www.hoodsarmy.com) or e-mail mike at xhatex@earthlink.net. Do what you can to keep your scene united. Fuck fighting with the people who are within the scene. Yur in the sam place because you share the love for hardore so keep that shit alive. Also fuck the message board drama. Instead of spreading roumors and he said she said bullshit, ask the actual people and get the facts. We’ll be back in Europe in May so see you fuckers then!