I Am Heresy “Thy Will” (2014 -Century Media Records-)

I Am Heresy “Thy Will” (2014 -Century Media Records-)
This is a pure massacre of black metal, metal and hardcore music at all; of course, with the melodic influence of Boysetsfire sound only in a few parts/refrains as well. The record runs out very fast, it sounds violent and in face, it’s inked of anti clerical anthems (taking inspiration from the “Satanic Bible”) as the band’s name speak itself.
A massive sound, bold, intense and absolutely black, dark, evil and well arranged on each track. Energy, violence, the shrine of Goat Worship are the keywords of this impressive masterpiece of modern black metal: yeah, modern for a “creative and in face” band. Nathan Gray –Boysetsfire, I Am Heresy, Nathan Gray– is an eclectic and mature artist that wanted to develope and explore new landscapes of extreme metal music and satanistics topics.
He’s involved with that world and I think this he has reached the best of the best with “Thy Will” and I Am Heresy, the band that he has rounded up with his son Simon (a great metal guitar player!!!).
Dark faith, black hope and desperation: welcome to Lucifer’s black tales, the only and the one evil angel. Perfect and well balanced, here you go with a new real masterpiece, buy or die!
The death of god is the birth of human potential… as I Am Heresy confirm.
Vote: 10/10

I Am Heresy
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