I Am The Avalanche “Wolverines” (2014 -Rude Records-)

I Am The Avalanche “Wolverines” (2014 -Rude Records-)
Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, I Am The Avalanche are an excellent punk rock alternative band in the style of Off With Their Heads and Hot Water Music. This is such a fluid, creative and full Energy music that you will not stop to listen out; strong rock guitars involve mature vocals sometimes rough and sometimes with great choirs and melody. This record knocks out and I Am The Avalanche seems to be born with this sound inside, essentialy made of catchy songs at all. A melodic masterpiece with decise/rough vocals, after all this is superb, good quality melodic hardcore punk rock with amazing songwriting. Great work, compliments!
Vote: 10/10

I Am The Avalanche
Rude Records