I Kissed Captain Hook “EP”

I Kissed Captain Hook “EP” (2013)
Hailing from Bavaria, Germany, I Kissed Captain Hook are a punk hardcore band straight in face: “IKCH EP” contains 4 kick ass songs. Fast drums, rough vocals and razor guitars at all; the 4 tracks fly at once away, I appreciated very much also the “melodic vein” of the frontman Hannes, bringing to each song an original beat. This is pure hardcore-punk essence, just great; IKCH play exciting, explosive and energizing music, catchy as fuck! This band keep the hc roots alive, spreading up a good quality ep; don’t forget: support your local scene, go to concerts, buy some shit, this dudes deserve only good stuff. A raw appeal of hardcore punk melody tinged, compliments to I Kissed Captain Hook, waiting for their own debut album!
Vote: 8/10

I Kissed Captain Hook
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