Hardcore from Germany, Bavaria, here you go with I KISSED CAPTAIN HOOK!

1. Hi guys introduce your band to our readers, please.
I Kissed Captain Hook (IKCH) consists of Jul – Guitar, Alex – Guitar, Flori – Bass, Simon – Drums and Hannes – Vocals. We started this band after the breakup of 2 punkrock bands from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria/Germany as a chance to start something different from what all of us had done before. The first lineup was: Hannes, Alex and Jakob, our original drummer, who was replaced by Simon in late 2013. Flori and Jul joined shortly after the founding of IKCH.

2. How’s going on the scene around Garmisch and Munich?
It is a bit difficult to be booked for a big gig or a festival, because in our region it is very rare. We got a lot of gigs in smaler clubs but only a few in big halls.There’s not much of a real HC/Punk scene in Garmisch right now. A few bands keep the local music scene alive by playing more or less regular shows in and around Garmisch. The scene here is mixed with a lot of styles, from Bluegrass over Punk to death metal. Most of the bands are long time friends even outside the music so we normally do mixed shows here. Munich is very different. Punk/HC Bands play Punk/HC shows, metal bands play metal shows, and so on. There are a lot of pretty good hardcorebands in munich (listen to BALE they’re fuckin awesome ;)) but its also very difficult to find venues as a band. The bigger venues mostly do book the large bands from overseas and getting inside these shows is rather difficult for small bands like we are, so the bands started to help each other and right now there are a few good venues to play, like Glockenbachwerkstatt, with a really good crowd everytime we play there. The towns around munich also offer pretty good places to have really cool gigs. It always is the biggest honor and fun to perform live in front of raging crowd.

3. Describe the music you play to anyone that doesn’t know you.
It could be a mixure of hardcore and melodic punkrock with a few influences of metal. Fast beating guitarriffs are also present like slow and heavy “oldschool” rhythms. All in all the sound of Ikch is very varied and it is hard to pigeon-hole the songs.

4. Well, I would say hardcore music, of course, with the right touch of old stuff, fast/metallic guitars and NYHC attitude…
Well, the metallic guitars definitely fit the sound but we dont really try to sound like a specific genre or push the songwriting into one special direction. Its just a mixture of sounds we love, put together from all the different styles of music we personally enjoy. So its a mix of metal, punk and hardcore music after all, thats right.

5. What does hardcore mean to IKCH?
Like mentioned before, we dont have a real hc/punk-oriented scene here so we dont put that much meaning into Hardcore itself. Heavy music in general is very important to us, for we grew up with that stuff and all the local bands that have been active over the years have evolved to be a huge bowl of people that have become friends that just come together to play music and have fun in a town where theres not much more to do then going to concerts and bars on the weekends. And thats exactly what being in a band and playing music means to us: have fun with our friends and family!

6. Are you thinking about any giga round Europe? Tell us more about this, please.
Yes! We do! But at this point its pretty hard to do on a regular basis because all of us are employed. We have friends in austria who are also in a band and we play shows together whenever it is possible on both sides. We definitely want to play around europe more often but at this point its just difficult. But nonetheless if any promoter or booker from all around europe reads this, if you need a band please contact us and we’ll see whats possible!

7. Any connection with labels? Are you writing new stuff to record guys? Give us a drop!
Right now there are no connections whatsoever with labels or booking agencies. But we are very active writing songs and arranging new stuff for a full length record we plan to release some time this year. And the new stuff is turning out really awsome so far.

8. Thanks a lot for your time, take care!
Thanks for the chat man! It was a pleasure!