Job For A Cowboy Interview

Walter face to face with JOB FOR A COWBOY an awesome death metalcore promise
hailing from Arizona! Check it out!

1. Hi guys, introduce your band to our readers, please.
Hey guys Bobby here. I play guitar for Job for a Cowboy a death metal band from Phoenix, Arizona.

2. Well, what does the name Job For A Cowboy mean?
I’m very curious… What’s the Job for a cowboy?

Jonny, our vocalist, actually came up with the name as a joke when the band started and it stuck.

3. You’re young….very young, spreading such a extreme music, oh fuck….how can you do it?
Haha I dunno man we are all really into death metal and put a lot of time into our instruments.
We are really passionate about what we do.

4. How did you get in touch with Metalblade?
Well job for a cowboy had played a bunch of shows with Metal Blade bands in the past and the label started to notice. Also, the band appeared on the cover of a local newspaper and Brian Slagel from Metal Blade got in touch with the band.

5. How it was the recording time of “Genesis”?
Recording Genesis was a lot of fun but very stressful at the same time. We had a tour booked for right after we were supposed to finish in the studio so we were in somewhat of a rush to get the album done. Also, we were auditioning our new drummer Jon Rice while we were recording so that added to the stress level.

6. Tell us something about the scene around your home area, please.
The scene is fairly strong around our local area. There are a lot of young bands playing heavy music so that rules. It has definitely grown in the past years and I’m proud to say that we came from Arizona.

7. Are you planning anything important for the upcoming future? If so, tell us.
We’re doing the Sounds of the Underground tour in the United States in July. There’s a lot of good bands playing such as Shadows Fall, Amon Amarth, Every Time I Die and Darkest Hour so we are all very excited.

8. Thanks a lot for your time guys, I wish you much luck, take care!
Thank you for the interview I appreciate it!
Any last word?
I just want to say thank you to everyone that has supported the band!

Job For A Cowboy