Kalypso “Gläserne Augen” (2013 –Acuity Music-)

Kalypso “Gläserne Augen” (2013 –Acuity Music-)
Well, here we go again with excellent metalcore from Germany: we’re talking of Kalypso, a strong band with high expectation and excellent skills. The German lyrics sound very original, but I’ve got impressed from their own groove heavy as hell. Yes, this metalcore music is inked of death, thrash and brutal elements remembering of bands like Heaven Shall Burn, Caliban and All Shall Perish. “Gläserne Augen” (2013 –Acuity Music-) is a record with its own music, pretty much unheard, genuine, extreme, modern and original; isn’t only good metalcore, this songs have a well conceived songwriting, breakdowns always at the right point and guttural vocals all the time. The guitar work is something sublime: there’re also harmonic parts that break the persistent metal riding, typical of each song. Is always nice to listen something that you don’t know yet, but especially that nobody did play before. Substanced aggressive: this are Kalypso!
Vote: 8/10

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