Korn “The path of totality” (2011 -Roadrunner Records-)

Korn “The path of totality” (2011 -Roadrunner Records-)
Well, I don’t know the “dubstep scene” I’m an not into this kind of stuff, anyway “The path of totality” (December 2011, Roadrunner Records) seems to be something very involved in this genre. We’re very far from the time of “Life is peachy”, anyway with “Follow the leader” the band have introduced already a lot of samplers and electronic sounds, making big steps in this “adventure” during the last years. Well, this is definelty an awesome dubstep record (if you want to call it like that), of course Korn have definetly changed a lot, in fact I would be curious how it will be their upcoming tour, because this is the first time that I heard the band in this way, with this style. Jonathan Davis is a master, an awesome talent, he produced the whole record and I think “The path of totality” signed something deeply important in his life: this work sounds very industrial and electronic at all, added by the usual/typical fat chugga chugga Korn’s guitars. Well what’s really matter is this: the band has taken a new, different and radical direction from all their previous releases, keep that in mind and take it easy. In my point of view Korn have confirmend with this record that they’re a very eclectic band, able to play Prodigy, Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode all together. They’ve tried a lot of various stuff in their own career, they’ve shown that everything’s possible in music, also to do something in the wave of cyber-industrial-nu metal: we’re in front of a new frontier, definetly. The feeling of the music is always great, anyway I’m sure that not all Korn’s fans will accept and like “The path of totality”: a very new concept of music, just listen it, pick it up, get in touch, this is their future; will it be also your own? Still here? I had a lot of fun in the listening, 4 times in one evening and still is not enough…buy or die! Korn are always Korn!

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