Lamb of God “Resolution” (2012 -Roadrunner Records-)

Lamb of God “Resolution” (2012 -Roadrunner Records-)
The aggression doesn’t know any limit with “Resolution” (January 2012, Roadrunner Records), the latest awesome masterpice album from Lamb of God. This record is, in my point of view, a successful act at once; ultra deep guttural vocals deliver a sense of primitive and power, based on a thrash metallic groove through persistent breakdowns and mid-tempos. The band still continues to spread out energic and extra-heavy music, being also one of the best metal bands in the world: with each new release Lamb of God are much more mature of course but also able to bring fresh, kicking ass metal music as hell. They’ve tried on this album new stuff and “experiments” like the “special singing vocal” on the track “Redneck”, the chorus of “The Number Six” and the opening of “Insurrection”. All this makes sense, sounding still hard and mosh, making everything sound perfectly together. Well, this is huge fucking good metal music, very modern, decise, straight to the point; maybe this is the best Lamb of God album to date, no doubts that “Resolution” will be one of the best sellout metal album of 2012. Check it out!

Vote: 10/10

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