Lay Siege “Hopeisnowhere” (2015 – Lifeforce Records)

Lay Siege “Hopeisnowhere” (2015 – Lifeforce Records)
Hailing from Northampton, England, Lay Siege play an intense, thick, heavy and solid music placed between metal-core, sludge and post-hardcore genres.
What does that mean? Everything: they’re addict to heaviness and gloomy sounds, great efforts have been made on “Hopeisnowhere” to achieve a sublime style that features sludge metal, genuine post hardcore and powerful metal. We are not into “extreme music”; all we get is a perfect receipt of wild, crazy and grim elements necessary to make a distinctive and present-day metal hardcore music. The band has adopted a dark, cruel and harsh style both in sogwriting and performance, some stuff sounds even hypnotic. Lay Siege try to be like no one else, they’ve found a special formula that will lead them to success. “Hopeisnowhere” is the typical record in the middle of everything: there’s much to enjoy on this work, pick it up! Extra compliments.
Vote: 10/10

Lay Siege
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