Light Your Anchor “Homefires” (2015 – Let It Burn Records)

Light Your Anchor “Homefires” (2015 – Let It Burn Records)
“Homefires” is the second full length album from Hamburg (Germany) based Light Your Anchor. The guys are back with an improved style about modern melodies combined with hardcore, growls and melodic vocals. This band isn’t a cliché: they try, with success, to go beyond any usual standard of melodic metal-hc. The music sounds always fresh and each song always new; there’re also a good amount of strong breakdowns that evoke heavy phases. “Homefires” is a good variation of hard and soft parts with an high rhythm section. Fast guitars and intense screams into the melodies are at the bottom of powerful arrangements: everything’s placed perfectly and of easy listening. If you want to listen to something innovative and breathtaking pick it up, definetly.
Vote: 10/10

Light Your Anchor
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