Light Your Anchor “Hopesick” (2013 -Let It Burn Records-)

Light Your Anchor “Hopesick” (2013 -Let It Burn Records-)
“Hopesick” (2013, Let It Burn Records) is the first full length from the melodic hardcore band Light Your Anchor from Hamburg. Fast tempos, melodic guitars, memorable clean vocals, sing along and persistent growling: yes, all together. There’s a lot of talent of this record, as long as the professional songwriting and production. Influenced by Satanic Surfers and Have Heart this dudes have created a sound definetly special and of their own; oldschool blasts and screams, varations of style and music, this are the main ingredients of this record. All on one record, unbelievable! This is for sure a 100% solid, fresh and genuine release filled of everything you need to listen out: Light Your Anchor! Come on, buy or die! Extra compliments at all!
Vote: 10/10

Light Your Anchor
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