Light Your Anchor “Peter Pan syndrome” (2012 -Acuity Music-)

Light Your Anchor “Peter Pan syndrome” (2012 -Acuity Music-)
Hailing from Hamburg Light Your Anchor play a good mix of melodic hardcore flavoured of pop-punk combined with crushing guitars, superb vocals and ultra strong drumming: the whole groove is original, well played and of easy listening. “Peter Pan syndrome” (March 2013, Acuity Music) is a good starting point that combines melody and aggressive stuff together with talent and professional attitude. Well, the only one “negative side”…six songs are really not enough to spread out the skills of this dudes: the poppy side is never boring, matching perfect with the 90s hardcore roots. Rock, hardcore, alternative, popo-punk, whatever you mean, all that are inside in “Peter Pan syndrome”; Inked of energy this songs go fast from first to last and if you like This Is Hell, Shai Hulud and Stick To Your Guns, well, Light Your Anchor is the next one you must check out. Well, this is a perfect record ever!
Vote: 8,5/10

Light Your Anchor
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