Like Moths to Flames Interview

Hailing from Columbus Ohio, Like Moths to Flames play a strong modern metalcore in face: breakdowns, mosh chords and persistent vocals a go-go…check it out!

1. Hi guys introduce your band to our readers, please.
Can you give us a run down on how Like Moths to Flames get started?

Hey, this is Chris the vocalist of LMTF. Prior to this band we were all in different bands that were part of the same local scene. Coincidentally enough the bands we were apart of broke up, leading us to form this band. After a few member swaps and changes we have a solidified line up that I feel is extremely fitting for the band.

2. To be in a band and to play a lot everywhere is a good privilege today, aren’t you?
Can you guys live with your music? Will you be a musician forever?

We choose to play the music that we have fun with, so that we can always enjoy it. We like the music that we play and if it leads to a few more years of traveling then that’d be awesome. I would love to tour and travel continuously, so hopefully the new record can help pave that path.

3. Have you all always been into harder music? What’s your favourite metalcore style?
Mosh and melodies, only strong breakdowns, etc.

I don’t really like to listen to much heavy music, but I do love playing it. I really like our take on the ‘metalcore’ genre, I think it’s got enough of a new twist to keep kids interested.

4. How did you get in touch with Nuclear Blast?
We had a lot of help from our management team. When the record was being finished up, we were searching for a label in Europe that would be willing to help us out with releasing the album. Nuclear Blast was interested, as were we. We are all fans of the label and the bands on the label so it’s great to be working with them.

5. How well do you work together as a group?
As cliche as it sounds, our band is a family. We all work off of each other & I feel that each member of the band brings something very important to the table.

6. Did you ever play overseas? What’s different about playing in USA and Europe?
What are your tour items?
We have yet to come overseas, so I’m a little unsure about the differences in touring here and there. Sometimes being on the road can be brutal..we travel with six people in a van and trailer, but it’s pretty comfortable. There’s just enough space for everyone to live and there’s just enough space to have someone get under your skin. It’s just a part of touring.

7. What do you do at home when you don’t play in Like Moths to Flames?
Im a big video game nerd. If I’m not doing work for the band or traveling on the road, I’m at home playing Xbox. Nothing like escaping for a few hours. lol

8. Ok guys, thanks a lot for your time! Any plan for the future?
No definite plans yet, but I know that there are some things in the works!

Like Moths To Flames