Like Moths to Flames “When We Don’t Exist” (2011 -Nuclear Blast Records-)

Like Moths to Flames “When We Don’t Exist” (2011 -Nuclear Blast Records-)
“When We Don’t Exist” (November 2011, Nuclear Blast Records) is the new record of Like Moths to Flames hailing from Ohio. Something on the wave of The Devil Wears Prada, Parkway Drive and Bring Me The Horizon all together. A good exception in the generic metalcore sound: ultra aggresive vocals, machine gun guitars, granitic breakdowns, good qualities with varied song structures. A constant wall of guitars is here, going fast to a mix process including also clean vocals make sound everything talentable. I did read a lot of bad reviews about this record: well, I don’t understand why, there’re a lot of bad bands on the scene, but Like Moths to Flames stand definetly out of this. A consistent massive, modern release that needs good eyes on it, I’ve big expectations and I believe that Like Moths to Flames will not disappoint. An intense metalcore performance for a band with their own characteristics, everything’s taken into a next level with “When We Don’t Exist”.
Vote: 7,5/10

Like Moths to Flames
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