Machine Head “Unto the locust” (2011 -Roadrunner Records-)

Machine Head “Unto the locust” (2011 -Roadrunner Records-)
The new wave heavy metal band Machine Head is back with “Unto the locust” (2011, Roadrunner Records): a ultra solid return, taking the best of “Burn my eyes” (1994) sounding as a new revelation in metal scene. An explosion of violence through grantic guitars, thrash metal riding style and deep growling; growth and evolution at high levels as nobody did before. Brutal enough but not only, this record surprised me a lot, Machine Head have definetly reinvented the wheel with new, modern, kicking ass sound being always true to the roots. A coherent release with the past inked inside looking forward to the future of metal music: the album spread out also emotional acoustic guitar with the flavour of orchestra and melodic vocals. Machine Head have expanded a lot their style, they’re now more rich and dynamic keeping everything together and evolving in a new breed of metal music. Is anybody ready to play something new anymore? I don’t think so, Machine Head are always Machine Head, also this time spreading out a unique record. Explosive, brutal, starting a new generation of metal still brutal, more then ever. BUY OR DIE…NOW!
Vote: 10/10

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