Man Must Die “Peace was never an option” (2013 -Lifeforce Records-)

Man Must Die “Peace was never an option” (2013 -Lifeforce Records-)
Man Must Die from are a death metalcore band from Scotland: “Peace was never an option” (2013, Lifeforce Records) spread up brutal thrash metal with death and hardcore influences. An impressive release with an ultra aggressive sound, Man Must Die have definetly a standout style with various elements doing an intelligent mix of harmonic and furious parts. Riffs that kill at full blast with high intensity all time long, this is real power, a full devastation of ultra death metal formula. Everything’s extreme on this record, anyway hardcore and metal music are still recognizable; a good cocktail that shows the talent and the skills of each member in Man Must Die. This is modern metal of high class.
Vote: 8/10

Man Must Die
Lifeforce Records