Marathonmann “Die Stadt gehört den Besten” (2012 -Acuity Music-)

Marathonmann “Die Stadt gehört den Besten” (2012 -Acuity Music-)
“Die Stadt gehört den Besten” (February 2012, Acuity Music) is a great ep from Marathonmann, a newcomer band hailing from Munich, Germany. They’re intense, deep, putting heart in music through suffering, melancholy on the riffage and protest in the vocal style. Is very interesting to listen vocals sung in German, it match perfect with the whole music. Well, this is post of everything: hardcore, alternative, whatever you want to call it; post at all, overall, unheard and oriented to be original with a genuine sound. I find this music also rough, taking elements and roots from punk, hardcore and alternative adding atmospheric parts that spread out a huge dose of anger, aggression and rage. Here you go with a real masterpiece, one of the most interesting ep that I got in my hands in 2012: there’s a lot of talent in Marathonmann, Munich is ready to conquer the scene once again, Bavaria rulez: looking forward for a full length! Extra BUY OR DIE! Support Marathonmann now!
Vote: 10/10

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