Meshuggah “Koloss” (2012 -Nuclear Blast-)

Meshuggah “Koloss” (2012 -Nuclear Blast-)
Extreme metal Sweden’s Meshuggah have their own “trademark” about their unique style: “Koloss” (March 2012, Nuclear Blast Records) is definetly true and loyal to the roots, always straight on the line. An essential record of precise tempos, perpetual growling, thrash/death riffage at all, everything’s like Meshuggah should ever sound. So, don’t expect something new from this release, but just a huge dose of excellent and superb music played ultra-professional with high skills never looking down. Well is clear that Meshuggah don’t wanna bring something new or re-newed, they don’t care about it and being sincere, there’s no problem about it, we’re talking of Meshuggah: but I just expected new sounds, whatever. A granitic wall of metal, impervious drumming closely related with guitar work with strong personality; after all this is the best quality of Meshuggah. Well, nothing much to add: don’t take it bad, pick “Koloss” up and enjoy it very loud.
Vote: 7,5/10

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