Misconduct Interview

Walter interviews the melodic punk hc legend from Sweden MISCONDUCT!

1. Hi guys, you’re welcome in FIRE ALIVE EXTREME WEBZINE!
Introduce your band to our readers, please.

Hi everyone! We are MISCONDUCT, a punkrock band from Sweden. The band consists of Fredrik Olsson
on Vocals/Guitar, Erik Ydlinger on Guitar, Simon Guidoum on Bass and Daniel Petri on Drums.

2. What’s new on “One step closer”? How would you describe the new album?
Well there’s a lot of things that are new on our new album. To begin with I think “One Step Closer” is by far the most diverse album that we ever made and there is definitely a song for everyone on the album. Production wise “One Step Closer” is a big step for us and we put a lot of time and effort into getting the great sound of the album. Also when I wrote the songs for this album I wrote all the music for two guitars instead of one guitar like all our previous albums. So there are a lot more harmonies in the music then ever before which makes all the songs more interesting. We’ve developed a lot as a band and also me as a songwriter and I think that we all really challenged ourselves on this album.

3. How was the experience in the recording studio? Tell us a “mini-story” about, please.
The recording of “One Step Closer” was a really great experience for us all and we worked a lot different on this album. For example we didn’t really take a break from playing shows when we did this album and I even wrote some of the songs on the album after we started the recording. So you could say that we went in and out of the studio during the whole recording process playing shows between the recording sessions which were very inspiring plus it made the whole recording a lot more fun and relaxed. Also working with producer Marcus Nowak who is also a good friend of ours was an important factor on making this album what it is today. And Marcus who is a very hard and demanding producer really got the best out of us as a band.

4. Are you guys viewed as being political, is that correct?
Well we don’t really consider us being a political band. We’re just a band with a lot of opinions. We’re not here to decide for people what to do but to inspire and maybe open up your eyes to things. We want MISCONDUCT to be a positive force and we wanna inspire people to be the best they can be.

5. What’s the responsibility of punk rock in today’s world? What’s your message about?
If you have the power to affect young people I think you have the responsibility to be a good role model and use your position to do good.

6. What’s a Misconduct show? Mosh, sing along, pogo…? Our readers want to know!
Misconduct is all about moshpit, stage diving, crowd surfing, pogo, circle pit and sing alongs. Violent style has no place at a MISCONDUCT show! The MISCONDUCT crowd is always looking out for each other like a family. Unity above all!

7. How’s going on the scene in Sweden? Are you guys spending still a lot of time in your Country or, at the contrary, are you always around the world?
We just did a very successful Sweden tour in April/May to promote our new album “One Step Closer” and all the shows were fucking amazing! In the past we haven’t focused that much on playing shows in Sweden but we are definitely looking to change that and we will tour Sweden again in November.
Every year we try to do at least two European tours, one Sweden/Scandinavian tour and at least one trip to North America but we are also looking to go to new places in the world like Japan, South East Asia, Australia, South America etc…

8. Have you ever been to the US for a tour? Tell us you thoughts about, please.
We been touring all over Canada 4 times but we’ve never done a solid US tour. However we are working on doing a US tour to promote the US release of our new album “One Step Closer”.

9. What are your plans for the near future? Do you have anything special planned?
Well we’ve just released our new album “One Step Closer” in Europe with I Scream Records so we will spend most our time this summer with playing festivals all over Europe. Basically we will play summer festivals in Europe from June to September and also a few club shows. We will also visit Italy this summer for a club show in Bologna on July the 1st. In October we will do our “One Step Closer” European Headlining Tour and play club shows all over Europe. In November we will tour all overSweden and the rest of Scandinavia.