Misery Signals “Absent light” (2013 -Basick Records-)

Misery Signals “Absent light” (2013 -Basick Records-)
Misery Signals have been always a distinctive band in metal hardcore scene and “Absent light” (2013, Basick Records) is just a great confirm that the band is always true to their own roots. Heavy sounds, odd tempos, persistent drumming and super growling; this are just a few elements of MS music. Anyway “Absent light” taken steps forward, for the flavour of progressive music meeting hardcore and brutal parts. The complex songwriting will bring you a sense of beautiful destruction, darkness and evilness; headbanging ‘till death, is the keyword. Well, don’t worry because the hardcore side of MS is always there: traditional and two-steps parts are easily recognizable; this record is a grandious masterpiece of passion and aggression. Extreme, powerful, granitic, this release hits hard straight to the point: dissonance and asymmetric stuff made in metal hardcore music. Compliments, this is the best comeback from Misery Signals: support, support, support!
Vote: 10/10

Misery Signals
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