Mongolian folk metal: TENGGER CAVALRY cover Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction

Unique Mongolian folk metal band Tengger Cavalry continue their series of covers with a one-of-a-kind live version of Megadeth‘s classic, ‘Symphony of Destruction’.

An exhilaratingly unique sound, Tengger Cavalry infuse the nomadic music tradition of Central Asia with heavy metal, creating their own unique genre. Frontman Nature performs multiple Mongolian nomadic instruments including Mongolian fiddle Morin Khuur and other native instruments as well as singing using the ancient Mongolian throat singing tradition.

After the release of four studio albums in Europe and United States, Tengger Cavalry has become known as one of the most unique, innovative and exciting metal bands in USA. Having sold out Carnegie Hall in a legendary performance and been featured in Billboard, CNN, Vice, the Guardian, Wall Street Journal and the Village Voice, among countless others, the band is ready to take on the world.

Following the band’s first US tour, across 60 cities, the new wave of covers is another exciting step in the history of this highly unusual and exhilarating band. Included in the series is Metallica‘s ‘Master of Puppets’ and Black Sabbath‘s classic, ‘Paranoid’, as well as Arch Enemy’s ‘Nemesis’, and Motörhead’s ‘Fight’.

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