More Than A Thousand “How we both wondrously perish” (2014 -Good Fight Music/eOne Music-)

More Than A Thousand “How we both wondrously perish” (2014 -SPV Records-)
Hailing from Portugal, More Than A Thousand mix various genres like death-thrash metal, metalcore and melodic metal; what you get is a very tough and professional sound.
Well, I must admit that there’s too much pop-melody on this stuff, I’m mostly for hard-moshing parts, I guess. Heavy breakdowns, growling like hell, solid drumming, those are great elements of “Lost at home”. They’re masters of heavy metalcore, they’re definetly good talented, straightforward with an original style that kick ass, definetly. Clean and hard parts are very well balanced; this is a good example of hard-modern stuff and what’s going on around that niche of the scene.
Vote 10/10

More Than A Thousand
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