Motley Crue “Greatest Hits” (2011 -Eleven Seven Music-)

Motley Crue “Greatest Hits” (2011 -Eleven Seven Music-)
This is a gret catalog of what Motley Crue have done during their story so far: an awesome collection that you must buy, if you’re definetly a fan of them. Classic stuff, of course, but this would bea n excellent Christmas presenti f you wanna spread Motley Crue out: Greatest Hits albums should cover a history of a band and this one do it at all. I am a big fan of Greatest Hits, is always nice to have in only one pack a lot of memorable songs and listen them time after time once again. Motley Crue defined hair heavy metal all over the world, for the first time in 1981, they’ve realized something that will be forever in the music history: everything happened, making songs with a well done lyrical work, heavy guitar riffs and impressive arrangement. Simple and precise drumming, shining bass line, well, the review of this record must be general, not with details, you know already which kind of stuff play Motley Crue. This is a legend band, that had a lot of high points in their own story and, this is again one record that rocks, Motley Crue have a lot of qualities that no other bands have, they have more, they’re more! “Greatest Hits” (December 2011, Eleven Seven Music) of Motley Crue is here…move your ass and pick it up!
Vote: 10/10

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