Myra “Valley” (2014 – Acuity Music)

Myra “Valley” (2014 – Acuity Music)
Hard times deserve only rage, violence and aggression: this is exactly what you get from “Valley”. The music reveals our sick society, this release goes straight to the point with no compromises: German based metalcore band Myra are masters of modern extreme metalcore. Heavy thrash metal guitars meet the fury of hardcore; devastation, powerful breakdowns and the right dose of melodic stuff in the music and vocal parts. The record sounds raw, energic and brutal with a persistent metal bloodline and an incisive guitar work. High technical skills, strong attitude and an excellent combination of screaming and melodeath growling. This album is a balanced combination between melodic death metal and metalcore, a real masterpiece for fans of Heaven Shall Burn and Callejon. Support, support support!
Vote: 9,5/10

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