Nathan Gray “Nthn Gry” (2015 – End Hits Records)

Nathan Gray “Nthn Gry” (2015 – End Hits Records)
This solo debut -a four-track EP entitled “Nthn Gray” from Nathan Gray (Boysetsfire, I Am Heresy)- is something great: intense and obscure hit songs with amazing melodic vocals that invoke knowledge of humankind with a satanic/atheistic point of view. Telling you the truth, to listen to this EP was something unexpected; it shows the “dark” side of Nathan Gray as solo artist, satanist and member of the Church of Satan. I realized straightaway the real worth of the EP and the artistic merit of NG: this dude can be very creative also without playing hardcore music. He is not kidding at all: “The cleansing fire is hope. The plague has come to heal”, an alchemical belief, occultism and protest. Deep thoughts and pure dedication based on natural instinct, rites, transcendent.
The music is mostly about synth and samplers, electronic effects, minimal bass line and warm guitars with polished vocals. The precious help of Daniel E Smith sets up acoustic tracks and darker themes. “Nthn Gray” is a strong wax seal that celebrate our potential as something unique, permanently.
Vote: 10/10

Nathan Gray
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