Neaera Interview

Neaera: brutal melodic death metal from Germany with no compromises; awesome!

1. Hi guys, let us know how and when the Neaera project started.
How did you come up with a name like Neaera?
We started in 2004 when neaera rose from the remains of Tobi’s and my deathgrind formation “Malzan”. The name comes from John Milton’s Paradise Lost, an old English epic drama. Neaera was a woman who was sexually enslaved and fought successfully for her freedom.

2. Three albums released in three years, compliments! Tell us what’s new on
”Omnicide – Creation Unleashed” and how your style has evolved, please.
Omnicide is our darkest and fastest and most brutal record. It is a consequence of our previous record armamentarium, which already had more death metal influences and a little less melody. Through playing live, we developed technically and learnt to play faster.

3. Did the writing process on your new album differ from the previous releases? If so, in what way?
On the new record we have been openly influenced by Behemoth and Morbid Angel and Wolves in the Throne Room here and there. On Armamentarium we focused way more on the Both Thrower kind of death metal in terms of speed and riffing. The writing process itself remained completely the same.

4. Do you listen previous albums before writing a new record?
And did any record from other bands inspire you in the song-writing?
Personally, I don’t listen to our records that often myself. But it is a good idea! I will do that before the writing of the fifth record.
I think that the record “Two Hunters” by Wolves in the Throne Room influenced both Tobi and me. And I think you can hear that.

5. How do you feel after finishing an album? Do you feel satisfied, or empty after all this work?
That is a good question! Often I feel satisfied and empty at the same time. I always felt that during the writing process it is our record. After it is recorded, I feel that it changes the owner. Then it belongs to the fans, but also leaves me.

6. How important is a medium like Myspace for a new band and what’s your advice?
Myspace (as well as youtube) contributed tremendously to the democratization of the people. It turned the business hierarchy upside down – but not only that. It is way more. The individual can gain power and influence and meaning – sometimes only digital meaning, sometimes way more. As in music. The myspace star is reality. Anyone has the chance to try…and the people decide. Despite the enormous amount of filth in the net, perhaps it is the only place where the idea of democracy is put into practice.

7. What’s your opinion about violent dancing, mosh and crowd?
Are you for barricades at concerts or not?

We like to share the stage with our fans and we like to as close to them as possible (…not what you think now…). I don’t like egomaniacs who use the show only as a stage. Whatever happens in the pit should be agreed upon. To me metal and hardcore is good clean violent fun – anything else is weak.

8. I think Germany has a lot of amazing and professional bands. In your opinion, what role is playing the country from where you come referring to the music one plays?
I think that is very important! Why is metal predominantly still white, male music?Why is there almost no good, successful American Black metal band (except Wolves…)? Why is there no real metal scene in Arabian states or Africa or India? The pagan metal scene is a good example. They revive their history. Yet, in the USA, they seem to love that stuff.

9. Any plans for the upcoming future?
We will co-headline the HELL ON EARTH Tour with Earth Crisis, Earth Crisis and War from a Harlot’s Mouth in September 2009. Perhaps a short England tour and another tour I am not allowed to speak about yet.

10. Guys, thanks a lot for your time, good luck and take care! You rulez!
Cheers, man! The pleasure was all mine.
All the best to you and all your readers!