Neck Deep “Wishful thinking” (2014 –Hopeless Records-)

Neck Deep “Wishful thinking” (2014 –Hopeless Records-)
The right taste how to play pop punk music with professional melodies, catchy guitars and fast drums: this is “Wishful thinking” (2014 –Hopeless Records-), inked of harmonic vocals and the flavour of teenagers, high school and college stuff. The way of success of Neck Deep is fast and simple: the band formed in 2012 and here we go with an international record deal with Hopeless Records. Of course, this isn’t only “luck” at all, this dudes are really great into play this kind of music; anyway this record takes only one-way talking about the sound. You know, melodic pop-punk, once again and once again. Right, I’m into it, but I think the band could add something more/different and try some more hard staff, you know. What’s matter: the record is 100% cohesive with Neck Deep and their fans will not be disappointed, together with pop-punk kids. If you’re into skate, punk rock music this is your masterpiece, pick it up, now!
Vote: 7/10

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