Nightshade “An endless vision” (2013 –Bullet Tooth-)

Nightshade “An endless vision” (2013 –Bullet Tooth-)
Nightshade: I thought at once to Meshuggah and Emmure with an aggressive touch of electronic samplers. I’m not wrong talking about the heaviness of “An endless vision” (2013, Bullet Tooth Records): an excellent mix of modern metalcore stuff and powerful growls straight in face. Metal death core in the style of Whitechapel, this is an impressive work at all: magnificent drumming, amazing bass line and ultra aggressive riffs. The record have been well equalized as well, leaving the impression of heaviness and brutality, making of Nightshade one of the best deathcore acts. Anger filled music, fast, brutal and new: what are you doing? Move your ass and pick this masterpiece up…NOW! Compliments!
Vote: 8/10

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