Nightshade “Lost in Motion” (2011 -Bullet Tooth Records-)

Nightshade “Lost in Motion” (2011 -Bullet Tooth Records-)
In the metal community the word “whatever-core” is very known and panoramic: Nightshade belongs to that “core”, palying extreme music in the style of Darkest Hour, Bring Me The Horizon, Between the Buried and Me and much more. This guys try something different, the whole sound is original but not of easy listening, always based on this heavy formula: chugga chugga guitars, potent breakdowns and low growling all the time. “Lost in Motion” (april 2011, Bullet Tooth Records) is very intense, rude, brutal, influenced by death and thrash metal, a good combination of energy and extreme stuff typical of Whitechapel or Job for a Cowboy. This ten tracks are very furious with a destroy-attitude, sometimes yes, with electronic samplers and commercial things…this mix isn’t very welcome in such landscapes as thrash and death. This “refrains” don’t match with the global mood of “Lost in Motion”, they are simply out on extreme-metal music in my point of view. This is the only one “wrong side”, the rest sounds good, extreme but very good: if you’re a good fan of brutality this is a new pearl coming out, don’t forget Nightshade and “Lost in Motion”. Something worth to give a good listen!
Vote: 10/10

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