Norma Jean “Wrongdoers” (2013 -Razor & Tie-)

Norma Jean “Wrongdoers” (2013 -Razor & Tie-)
“Wrongdoers” is a super mega album from Norma Jean. heaaviness, pure adrenalin and creative songwriting: excellent recording, perseverance, amazing production, all elements that make of Norma Jean one of that “still true” bands in metalcore landscapes. This dudes have always putted post hardcore blasts on their music, anyway this time we’ve mature songs because the band has taken steps forward. You’ll appreciate the “diversity” of music typical of Norma Jean, because this is still fresh, new, genuine and original metalcore at all. Melodic, emo, math core contents are mixed all together with nervous screaming vocals and of course, you’ll realize that this is still and definetly Norma Jean what are you listening to. Move your ass so and pick this masterpiece up! Long life to Norma Jean!
Vote: 9/10

Norma Jean
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