Papa Roach “The Connection” (2012 -Eleven Seven Music-)

Papa Roach “The Connection” (2012 -Eleven Seven Music-)
Papa Roach have an undiscussed mainstream appeal, that’s known, and “The Connection” (October 2012, Eleven Seven Music) is pretty much different compared with the previous stuff, especially about the early Papa Roach. The band taken a different way, but always on good levels and excellent (commercial) music added by a huge dose of electronic elements and, less heavy parts. Well, this songs will have a good response on stage, but I liked more the heavy albums of years ago. I’m definetly not in the mainstream channel that’s why I can’t bring the right point of view. This is a great rock ‘n roll album, the “metal” and “aggressive” parts are definetly lost and the sound remind me of a good mix between POD and the last record of Linkin’ Park; an excellent teen-album that will pick up a lot of kids all over the world, think about “different Papa Roach” and take it as it is, it’s worth to listen…at the end it will not disappoint.
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Vote: 8,5/10

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