Paramedic “Smoke and Mirrors” (2013 -Bullet Tooth-)

Paramedic “Smoke and Mirrors” (2013 -Bullet Tooth-)
The Americans originating in Dayton (USA, OH) produce “Smoke and Mirrors” under Bullet Tooth, after the release in the past two Ep went great.The CD features 10 tracks very powerful, with perfect sounds.
From the first listen, in fact, you can see the power of the pieces, in which alternating fast and slow breakdown and where there is always a violent growl of frontman who knows how to accentuate the depth.
It is mixed with guitar riffs break very very quick and sharp style As I Lay Dying and melodic verses very well-fitted and enhanced by melodic voices also of high quality. It is precisely this feature that, in my opinion, distinguishes the band from many others of the same kind. The whole is surrounded by various effects of synths and keyboards. Very good Americans to remain very consistent in 10 tracks and not to be monotonous in a genre abused and imitated by many. Do not invent anything new, but fans of the genre, from the first listen, definitely include them in a hurry in their own playlist! You will also hear influences from bands like
Asking Alexandria and Attack Attack.
Vote: 8/10

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