Planara “Hostiles” (2014 -s/p-)

Planara “Hostiles” (2014 -s/p-)
Hailing from St.Petersburg, Russia, Planara play a strong, precise and highly talented tech metal inked of various influences like electronic stuff at all. They’ve a very polish sound with impressive melodic parts (vocals/instruments) and excellent songwriting. Modern metal, post hardcore, whatever you call it, Planara have combined different styles with a professional approach, good skills and catharsis. Expect to listen out alternative metal with solid chords, sung parts all time long for an intense/immense result. A mature release that take the right and good place in post/hc/metal landscapes with a deep approach to the music: “Hostiles” needs to be heard, at all. Are you ready for the storm? Check it out, now!
Vote: 7,5/10