Poison The Well Interview

Here you go, some words spent with Bradley Grace from the alternative-hardcore-rock band Poison The Well from Miami / West Palm Beach, Florida!

1. Hi guys, tell us what’s new on “The tropic rot”, please.
The tropic Rot is basically a mash up of all the different eras of Poison The Well with some new progressive jives mixed in. It’s all killer and no filler and it will make your mother cry.

2. What’s exactly the origin of the name Poison The Well?
I believe Jeff’s sister came up with the name and it stuck. No real relevance to anything.

3. Yes, in my point of view this album sounds very different, much modern and of course, excellent! Anything to add?
Well thank you! We always will strive to be forward thinking when it comes to making music. it’s very easy and convenient for a lot of bands to find a nitch and stay there milking it for all of it’s worth and thats fine. It’s not how we roll though! We like to push ourselves and never put out anything that isn’t 100% honest. For us there is really no point in doing this if you’re not willing to put yourself in danger of “not being liked”!

4. What elements do you bring when you’re writing music and when you’re on stage?
About any concept, idea, general thoughts, topics etc.
I bring a few different elements into the band as do each member. It’s highly collaborative so it’s hard to say who is reponsible for what and so on so lets just say we all offer a lot! Of course live I bring my good looks! NOTE: THAT WAS A JOKE! As far as concepts its very much the same…collaborative.

5. You’re the fathers at all of post-hardcore music. Are you self-conscious of this?
How does it feel?
I’m not at all. And it’s nice to be in a band that has garnished so much repect but I don’t let it effect the type of style I bring to the band which is not exactly a hard core approach. In fact none of us really look from that aspect anymore. It’s more like lets write the heaviest country riff EVER!!! instead of thinking lets write the sickest mosh part ever!!!! Thats been done to death, dug up and done again over and over and over and over!

6. Hey, you’ve inspired tons of bands all over the world, that’s real! You rulez, guys!
Well thank you!

7. What’s the best Poison The Well album and why, in your point of view?
Is it a bad question? 
I don’t think so!
I don’t think it’s a bad question at all. A tad bit subjective but for me I feel it is The Tropic Rot. This album encompasses every aspect of the band and is in my opinion the most well thought out and straight forward record yet.

8. What’s your favourite kind of music and the best band all over the world?
I would say “Poison The Well” eheh!
Well I would disagree and say The Beatles!

9. Do you do much writing on the road? Whatever you do when you’ve free time on the road?
And when you’re at home?

I have a little but most of the writing is done at home in our off time. Your tends to be too hectic to lend itself to being a creative time. Your more in survival mode on tour than anything else!

10. Thanks a lot for your time guys…telling you the truth we’re already looking forward for
a new album, we’ve abused of “The tropic rot”, 
give us more, please 🙂
Thank you for caring about our band! We’ll see you guys soon!

Poison The Well