Prong “Ruining lives” (2014 -Steamhammer/SPV-)

Prong “Ruining lives” (2014 -Steamhammer/SPV-)
Thrash, industrial metal this is about NY based band Prong. The music sound is aggressive and fast, with a little flavour of hardcore punk roots. Is very strong, in my point of view, also the influence of Fear Factory/Rob Zombie/Nine Inch Nails especially for the guitar sound. Masterpiece thrashcore riffage, precise drumming, but also powerful moshing breakdowns; professional experience on their back of course, Prong spread up an amazing bone-crushing groove. Bottom: fine industrial metal combined with aggressive thrash riffs, this is for sure a solid and out standing release with a “modern digital” sound. “Ruining lives” will make happy metal and punk-hardcore fans.
Vote: 8,5/10