Purified In Blood Interview

Walter interviewed Purified In Blood, the Norwegian vegan/sXe metalcore legend ever. Death/metalcore music in the vein of Slayer and Creator well flavoured of stuff from Iron Maiden, just some melodies and great solo parts. Magnificient!

1) Hi guys, we’re pretty much excited to have you as our guests, ‘cause you are one of the heaviest vanguard in hardcore European scene. Can you do a brief introduction of your band?
Hi! Thank you for letting me feel welcome. I’m happy you like what we do, it means a lot. We are Purified in Blood from the deep forests of Norway, set to earth to destroy evil and injust. PIB consist of 6 furious warriors. We started out in 2003. After playing in several bands, we finally joined horns and started to rock out together.

2) What’s the message behind Purified In Blood? What does mean exactly “Purified In Blood”?
“Purified in Blood” is the name of a song of the mighty Purifiaction from Italy. We liked the sound of it and decided to take it as name for the band. It sounds heavy and revolutionary at the same time. It means that you purify youself in the blood of the innocent.

3) Can you guys tell us anything about your new album “Reaper of soul”?
In my opinion this release sings an important developing in death/metalcore music.

Since we are from Norway, we don’t have the regular “german metalcore”- sound. We sound somehow scandinavian and I think that is a good thing since we are operating in the metalcore genre. The album has a dirty sound that makes it very raw. We defenitly sound more metal on this album than we ever have. We might slow it a bit down for the next album with some more mid-tempo songs, but we’ll see. We will always keep it hard no matter what, so no emo albums,haha.

4) How is Alveran Records handling with the promotion of “Reaper of soul”?
They have done a great job for us. They put us up in several magazines and we are very pleased
with their work.

5) The main innovation of “Reaper of soul” are vocals with two different/separated styles.
What about this choice? Why two singers?

When we started out, we didn’t plan anything about this. We were just 6 friends starting a band and we happened to be two singers. So we stuck with that since the beginning. It gives us the little extra when playing live with two tornadoes on stage. Yes, they also have two different styles of vocals and that sounds good we think.

6) I did read about you’re sXe: well, what do you think about it?
I think some kids are it just for fashion. What’s your opinion about?

My opinion is that being sxe is no longer “popular”, so you won’t find too many of those fake ones. It’s no longer a trend to be sxe, so I don’t think it is relevant to call it a “fashion”, cause it’s more “fashion” to dont’ give a shit about anything. We have always fronted the sxe lifestyle and are proud of it and no one will ever take that away from us no matter what .
) What are your lyrics about?
Our lyrics reflects our frustration with how people treat the earth and it’s content. Profit is always being prioritized before animals or even humans. Mankind’s apathy of the destruction of earth has gone too far and it’s time to take action before it’s too late. Instead people hide in a haze of substances that takes them away from reality.

8) What do you think about Norwegian scene? Is the name “scene” in this case appropriate?
Is is small, or at the contrary big? What bands did inspire your music?

Here in Stavanger (on the south/west coast of Norway) we have a strong scene and maybe the biggest in Norway right now. We’ve got a lot of bands here and there’s always shows put up. So there’s defenitly a scene here. But it kinda started when we started to put up shows here, after we started it people followed and the scene grew to the level it is today, which is good. Since not many “big” hardcore bands come here, we had to do stuff ourselves, we started bands and put up shows and just had fun. So I think we have a strong independence over here.

9) You guys toured Europe, Scandinavia and USA. What was the most fun gig?
Which bands played with you guys?

There’s so many cool shows we played. The US tour was really fun and we played with bands like Freya and Undying. We also toured with Caliban and the Agony Scene in Europe, which was also very fun. I don’t think I can point out the most fun show, there’s so many. Shows in our hometown is usually really fun too. We have played with many cool bands and we really apriciate that.

10) How it was the Italian part of the tour? Are you satisfied about Italian kids?
I loved Italy. I loved the sun and the whole atmosphere of the landscape. It’s really nice to get away from the cold north and experience some warmth like we did in Italy. The shows was cool too, especially the ones with Caliban. A lot of cool and dedicated people. You guys really loves music over there it seems. Would love to play there again so day, hopefully we will.

11) Thanks a lot guys, good luck, take care.
No problem. Good luck to you too and be safe.

Purified in Blood