RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE To Reunite And Release Anti Donald Trump Album


It has been more than fifteen years since Rage Against The Machine have released new music. The members of the band have involved themselves in various other projects during their lengthy hiatus, but one pressing issue has forced the band to team up once again.

In a statement posted online, Rage Against The Machine announced they would be releasing a brand new album aimed at spreading awareness about “how awful Donald Trump is“.

“We must pick up the microphone, the guitar, the bass, and the drums to tell the world how bad Donald Trump is. We have stayed silent for many years, but enough is enough.The bulls are on parade.” the statement said.

The band plans to perform outside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18th. This isn’t the first time Rage Against The Machine showed up outside of a political convention. The group played to a massive crowd outside of the 2000 DNC.

Their music video for ‘Sleep Now In The Fire’ famously predicted a Trump presidential run.

You will be able to pre-order the album starting April 1st. The album is tentatively named“Rage Against The Donald” and a release date has not yet been revealed.

Here is the official track listing:

  1. Sleep Now Trump You’re Fired
  2. Trump’s Bullshit On Parade
  3. There Aint No Spray-Tan Here
  4. Trumpify
  5. Renegades Of Trump
  6. Lights Out, Trump Is A Racist, Yo!

Trump was reportedly furious about the album, telling the media and others not to spread the word about their ‘disgusting music’. Clearly, he doesn’t want anyone to know about this album.

Rage Against The Machine is back! ‘What better place than here? What better time than now?’