Ready Set Fall “Memento” (2014 -Lifeforce Records-)

Ready Set Fall “Memento” (2014 -Lifeforce Records-)
Hailing from Genoa, Italy, Ready Set Fall are a metalcore band with a huge dose of melodic vocals and swedish metal style. Modern music of course, with energic and loud tracks: powerful attitude and a lot of talent seems to be at home on “Memento”, the excellent debut album on Lifeforce Records for Ready Set Fall. Influenced by the new wave of American Heavy Metal they try to keep up (as much as possible) a personal style that, of course, keep in mind bands like In Flames, The Haunted and Killswitch Engage. This dudes love Scandinavian style and ultra heavy metal stuff, adding fine clean vocals and excellent growling. Isn’t everything melodic at all, there’re also brutal parts, played certainly with all the stuff already mentioned. Well, I’m always impressed when such good italian bands keep coming out, because it means that also in Italy there’s good excellence like Ready Set Fall. I’m definetly proud of this record, and you? Pick it up! Walter
Vote: 9/10

Ready Set Fall
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