Remembering Never Interview

Walter face to face with the metalcore legend Remembering Never from USA: an explosive discharge of powerful and heavy metalcore, a huge of persistent riffs played in low tonalities, a precise as decise drumming, a double solid bass and devastating growls.

1) Hi guys!!! We don’t need any kind of presentation, because you’re already pretty much known in the underground scene….So let’s talk a bit of “God Save Us”. How this work came up?
The title is a sarcastic play on words. It also came from a Disembodied song.

2) How much hard it was in the recording studio?
Did you drink a lot, or at the contrary you never drink in such situations?

It was just very tedious. Starting from nothing and ending a month later with a finished product takes what seems like forever. We just made a lot of trips to Whole Foods.

3) How did your style change compared with “women and children die first”? I find “God Save Us” much more apocalyptic and fluid.
I used to write 95% of the songs, and for GSU norm wrote all the riffs, so it was awesome to not have to worry about it. He’s a great guitar player.

4) How could you guys change your style so much? I think it’s very much similar to Bleeding Through style right now, aren’t you? That’s not a critic.
Haha, um, I wouldn’t say that, bleeding through is great. I’d like to think it was more older converge mixed with a lil hatebreed, realistically. Plus we don’t wear makeup. You can defintely hear the makeup in the songs.

5) What does mean to you the label “metalcore”?
Just a bullshit way to market bands. Ptw may have invented the term, but I could be wrong.

6) Is anyone of you guys sXe? what do you think about this lifestyle? Do you believe in it? Right know, in my point of view, is going on as something “fashion” in the hard fashion, don’t you think so?
Yes, 4 of us are. Its definitely a positive lifestyle and a smart choice if you do it for the right reasons. A lot of kids get into it to be in a “click” and that’s just fucking silly.

7) What do you guys think about “pure punk” music? Has punk music anything to do with today’s modern metal tendencies?
Most definitely. It adds much intensity and speed. Punk influenced many metal and hardcore bands, if not all, whether bands know it or not.

8) Your artworks are as always very straight and direct….compliments guys, I love them! Who did work on “God Save Us”?…yeah next time I can do the artwork…alright? I would be very much honorated. I’m a graphic designer. Do you like dollars? Are you guys a politic band?
Hahah that’s awesome. Its possible. Thanks a lot. Me and norm came up with the idea, and danny and norm designed it. And doesn’t everyone like dollars? I’d say we’re a political band, but not so much a establishment political band.

9) How much is politic for you guys important?
Politics are very important to me in being a hardcore orientated band.

10) Very very important question: what are your lyrics about?….
spread everything you can say about, please.

We have songs about all kinds of shit, religion, animal rights, appreciation for women, internet dorks, a bunch of shit. Haha

11) What’s your opinion about Bush administration? What do you think about European politics? Sorry I don’t wanna bother you with this fuckin’ politic…eheh but that’s the world, unfortunately.
bush is a retard and as far as our govt, we’ll never know the truth about almost everything. I don’t know much about european politics. I’m out of the loop.

12) Have you guys a special flag?
Do you know what I mean? what flag would you proudly hang up?
I don’t know of any.

13) What shoes do you like most? Isn’t a joke, really, this is a question.
Anything that protects my feet that are vegan.

14) Do you like groupies? What do you think about groupies?
We don’t see any and I’m bummed about that. Hahah

15) Have you guys any side project over Remembering Never? Have you “full day” jobs
or at the contrary can you live with your music?

Some of us do odd jobs and such. Me and aldo have another band.

16) Ok guys, sorry for the long interview, I wish you much fun on the road, good luck, take care.
You rock!

Haha thank you. Take care!

Remembering Never