Sandlotkids “Acoustic Music Sucks – Loner”

Sandlotkids “Acoustic Music Sucks – Loner” (2013)
Well, the Sandlotkids are 4 friends from Munich that love food, dogs and music, like facebook speaks. Well, I would add much much from for this brilliant band formed in 2013: strong rock alternative groove, amazing vocals and great acoustic guitars. There’re “Polished” songs in “Acoustic Music Sucks” with warm vibe, emotional lyrics and strong acoustic backing with the guitar. Sandlotkids impress very much talking about talent, songwriting and novelty, you can indentify the band at once with a few riffs, you can hear the sweat flying off through the riffs. “Loner”, the single, has much more speed: neo grunge, indie acoustic rock, alternative, whatever you want to call it this music kick ass, from start to finish with ringing chords over a rhythmic pulse. Easy music with big expectations in the future, compliments, support Sandlotkids, good stuff!
Vote: 10/10

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