Sandlotkids – Interview

1. Hi guys, introduce your band to our readers, please.
Hi reader, we are sandlotkids.
T- Dog, ShoSho, Fabsl, Cookie!
Aka Anton, Georg, Fabian and Orion

2. Well, tell us more about why the choice of your moniker “Sandlotkids”.
It is Based on a movie shot about the time we all were Born. “The sandlot” It plays in the sixties and is about a boy who has a hard time making friends after moving to the suburbs. He joines a couple of boys and their hobby baseball team. The practise on a selfbuild Baseball field, a so called sandlot. We wont spoil anymore. Watch it! Its a pretty Good Movie. It also contains a dog. And dogs are awesome!
The message basically is friendship.

3. How would you describe the music you play to kids that don’t know you?
Thats the hardest question. We really cant describe it. We try to combine everything we love in music which goes from taylor swift over Nirvana to slayer.

4. I find amazing that your shirts are handprinted by the band!
How everything did start with screenprinting? Do you have new artworks ready to be printed?
You guys do all the artworks? I print shirts too in my free time.
Orion: i study art and design and my main work is screenprinting. Its awesome that i have the possibility to work in the screenprinting work Shop at my School. I have a Label too which is called “Great Hunter” for which i also print a lot of posters and shirts.
Check it out on: Great Hunter
I am currently working on the artwork for our ep and tape which are coming out the next months.
I Love that i am able to connect my drawings and art and the music we make. But that does not mean
we wont accept other peoples artworks. Its just the “do it yourself” fact i like so much.

5. Are you thinking to record a full album? Do you have new songs already?
We are working on the ep which is hopefully coming out soon and on an tape which propably will contain
a bunch of new acoustic songs.

6. What about a record label?
We like working with small and independent diy labels. The tape is coming out on Koepfen. Who are a couple and the nicest people. She does awesome tattoos as well. Check it out on:

7. How’s going on the scene in Munich? Do you have any connection with any band?
We had a great experience on our first hometown show. It was a very small club but sold out. It was great to see that a lot of people enjoy our music. That makes us think very positiv about the scene here. We played our first shows with our friends in rivers and Tides from Regensburg. We also are going on a weekender with them and another pretty good Band from germany called Client.

8. Thanks a lot for your time, any last word?
Thank you very much for this interview and the kind words in the review. We do this because we love it and it is awesome to see that there a people out there who enjoy our music as much as we do. Hope to see you soon!
The kids.

Sandlots Kids