Save the Clock Tower “Wasteland” (2014 -Bullet Tooth-)

Save the Clock Tower “Wasteland” (2014 -Bullet Tooth-)
Hard and well played electro-indie-alternative rock-metal with powerful breakdowns: this is that kind of sound that suddenly breaks down and you didn’t expect for that. 
I’m on the side less electro-pop parts and more growling/aggressive vocals style; Save the Clock Tower know very good how and when to be straightforward, with no compromises.
Of course, they’ve tried the intricated way to combine all together hard and very soft parts: they’ve made a very good mix, but at the end (in my point of view) the popping influence is definetly too much, compared with metalcore rafrains etc.
“Wasteland” is filled with good music, excellent execution, brutal moments, ultra electro-indie-pop parts and rich arrangements. No doubt, this is a masterpiece work, but my advice is about less pop and more brutal, come on! Highly recommended to metal-hardcore kids at all: with “Wasteland” there’s a lot to enjoy.
Vote 8/10

Save the Clock Tower
Bullet Tooth