Scream Your name “Face to face” (2014 -Deepdive Records-)

Scream Your name “Face to face” (2014 -Deepdive Records-)
Hailing from Switzerland Scream Your Name play a kind good metalcore on the steps of bands like Atreyu, Death By Stereo, Bring Me The Horizon and Papa Roach. It would sound crazy to put all this bands togehter, but that’s exactly what I mean with this dudes: they know exactly what they want to play and they do it personal at all. Excellent screamo and melodic vocals, (only a few) electro stuff that remeber of Bring Me The Horizon, heavy breakdowns and metal-rock riding guitars. This is the right sound, this isthe right way trying to spread out original music; I can’t hide the deep influence of those bands already mentioned, anyway here there’s brutal, melodic and fresh music that must be supported. Just pick up something definetly different, this mix doesn’t disappoint.
Vote: 8/10

Scream Your name
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