Serianna “Define me” (2013 -Bullet Tooth-)

Serianna “Define me” (2013 -Bullet Tooth-)
“Define me” (2013, Bullet Tooth) is an original mix of different stuff as you must know about Serianna: heavy chords are combined with ultra poppy-melodic vocals and electronic samplers. Well, this is the sound, from first to last song and this is Serianna’s talent: they don’t waaste any time to get heavy. The mosh is fuckin’ hard, the style fuckin’ rude and there’e the flavour of power on this machine-gun music. Well, “Define me” hits hard, during the listening the aggression gets stronger lighting up  a huge dose of fury. A straight-forward metal hardcore assault, if you’re searching for very modern heavy music you’re welcome: many bands have tried to mix stuff up but only a few with great results, Serianna are one of this, compliments.
Vote: 7,5/10

Bullet Tooth